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is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of physical and mental well being. 

Our Mission
Inspire and empower people to actively participate in taking control of their health, through natural and holistic means.  We provide the rules and the tools to experience vibrant health and wellness.

Our Practice
Specializes in treating a variety of conditions. We treat patients daily who suffer from acute, sub-acute or chronic pain, headaches, sports injuries, extremities, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash. Our care is unique. We provide for our patient's excellent chiropractic care, physiotherapy methodologies, exercise therapy, massage therapy as well as professional ergonomic advice. 

Our Vision
To partner with you in your healing process, addressing every aspect of your health on a physical level, so you can begin to live the healthy life you were created for -- experiencing joy and gratitude, moving well, and living free of pain and dysfunction.

"The vertebrae of the spine are likely to be displaced or subluxated.  One of more vertebrae may get out of place very much.  This may cause serious complications, and even death, if not properly adjusted.  Whoever pays no attention, or paying attention, does not comprehend them, how can he understand the disease which befalls man?  The doctor should look well to the spine, for many diseases have their origin in vertebral displacements."   ~Hippocrates 
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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is the application of Shock Waves in medicine.

It is clinically proven that pressure waves, when applied to injured tissues, stimulate metabolic reactions:

  Reduction of pain felt by nerve fibers
  Increase of blood circulation in surrounding soft tissues
  Beginning of healing process triggered by stem cells activation

Ballistic GenerationCompressed air accelerates a projectile which strikes a fixed applicator.
The kinetic energy is converted into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin.
These shock waves are conveyed radially for broad treatment areas.
Twenty years ago Dr. Sandra Karlic-Hiner, DC and Dr. Jeffrey Hiner, DC started 
Thanks everyone who trusted us with your healthcare needs.

We at ACC would like welcome our new Associate Dr. Valerie Lyon, DC to our team!